Mountain Sanctuary Park Star Party

in conjunction with the Westrand Astronomy club and Kenny Neville

DATE FOR 2019- 01/02 - 04 August 2019

2017/18 was a smashing hit..Dont miss 2019

Rated as one of the best star parties world wide.

After having hosted a few very succesfull star parties and due to the amazing clarity of our skies. We have had the great honor bestowed on us by the Westrand Astronomy Club and Kenny Neville as having this event not only named after us but it has become a permanent fixture on thier yearly calender.



What you could see

.saturn       Helix    eagle nebula

M31           Milky-way

Come join us for a wonderfull weekend of stargazing, if you dont have a tellescope dont worry, the club brings many tellescopes with them and are always eager to share thier knowledge and equipement with you.

There will be a wonderfull talk and presentation, presented by the club on the saturday with lots of cool astronomy things to buy.


Should you wish to buy a telescope we recommend the telescope shop as members of WRAC they are knowledgeble and friendly. Should you wish to join the astronomy club find the links below.

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