Homemade soup of the day (according to availability)                                                     R45.00 

Devils Fork: crumbed mushrooms with sweet chili sauce                                                  R65.50 

Squirrels delight: (Chips served with dips) Starter or Main                                            R48/R69 

Greek salad, bowl with feta and olives                                                                               R68.50 

Chicken Salad bowl: with crumbed chicken and feta                                                         R82.50 

Moroccan beef strips, (chili, olives, tomato, herbs) served with garlic bread               R85.00 

Teriyaki chicken bowl: teriyaki chicken pieces, on salad with garlic bread                    R89.00 

Cheesy Garlic roll                                                                                                                  R48.00 


TOASTED SANDWHICHESwhite or brown bread, Served with chips and side salad  

R75.00 each …..Choose from: 


Bacon, egg and Cheese 

Egg mayo…….. or chicken Mayo 

Salami and cheese…..or ham and cheese 

Cheese, Onion and Tomato 

Salami, cheese, tomato and onion 

Sweet chilli chicken and cheese            


BURGERS:All burgers (unless otherwise specified) are made with our special BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, and a side portion of chips 

StasOmbs Beef Burger                                                                                                        R99.50 

StasOmbs cheesy beef Burger                                                                                            R118.50 

Bacon and Feta Burger, with cheese & sweet chili sauce                                                  R138.50 

The earth and turf burger, beef burger with bacon, mushroom and cheese                 R130.50           

The cheesy Clucker: Chicken and cheese burger StasOmbs style                               R120.50 

Spicy Clucker: teriyaki chicken, cheese and jalapeno….StasOmbs Style                        R135.00 

Hungry Hiker: beef burger with bacon, onions, peppers, mushrooms & cheese             R138.50 

Chilli burger: Spicy beef burger topped with jalapeno chilli & cheese                            R125.50 

Veggie bite: vegetarian patty, with mushroom, green pepper and cheese                      R135.50 

Hawaiian Burger: beef or chicken burger, with pineapple and cheese                            R125.00 

Hikers Paradise: beef patty with salami, cheese and ham                                                R142.00 


Arrabbiata: Tomato, herb and chili pasta: served on spaghetti                                      R109.50 

Spaghetti bolognaise, (beef mince, tomatoes and herbs)                                                 R99.50 

Chicken pasta: chicken & mushroom in a herb and cheese sauce                                     R95.50 


MORE MEALS:  served with pap and sauce, rice, or chips and salad or veg 

Homemade Crumbed chicken breast                                                                                   R119.50 

Full chicken nuggets (10)                                                                                                      R85.00 

Half chicken flattie, (lemon and herb, or peri-peri)                                                         R175.00 

Lamb chops, 3 loin chops, grilled                                                                                         R245.00 

250g Rump steak, with a sauce of your choice                                                                  R165.00           

Traditional Trio: 3 marinaded Sosaties …..Chicken, Beef, lamb                                       R180.00 

The Champion: traditional boerewors, grilled to perfection                                            R125.00 

The African feast: boerewors, lamb chop, chicken and beef Sosotie                            R185.00 

Sauces: Choice of, Sweet chili, BBQ, garlic, cheese or mushroom.                                R25.00 


KIDDIES delights 

The little franklin: 1 chicken or beef Sosatie, with chips                                    R65.00 

Wild clucker: Kiddies chicken burger and chips                                                    R75.00 

Crunchy jackal …..Corn dog and chips                                                                      R60.00 

Dassie bites……Kiddies Chicken nuggets (6) and chips                                          R60.00 

…………….and for pudding  

The naughty Vervet 1 scoop of ice cream, with syrup and sprinkles                   R35.00 

Bouncing bush baby: 1 scoop ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce             R40.00   


DESSERTS AND ICECREAMS (for additional specials please check the specials board) 

McD.Special:2 x pancakes, with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar                             R60.00  


Homemade Sticky Baked chocolate pudding, with ice cream                                           R55.00   

Brandy pudding, baked pudding, homemade, with ice cream or cream                            R65.00 

Dom Pedro: ice-cream, coffee liqueur….cream and chocolate sprinkles                      R60.00 

StasOmbs Sundae: ice cream, caramel/choc sauce, peanut brittle and cream              R75.00 

Homemade Milkshakes: topped with whipped cream and sprinkles 

Vanilla, Chocolate, Bubble gum, Lime, Strawberry, or Banana,                                        R55.00 

GORMET MILKSHAKE: Peanut butter, coffee shake, or caramel crunch                      R62.50             

Soda Floats: your choice of soda, topped with vanilla ice cream                                    R50.00 


Cool drinks:  

Coke, coke zero, spar berry, cream soda, Fanta, sprite, sprite light                              R25.00 

Tonic water, Soda water, dry lemon (200ml),                                                                    R23.00 

Bottled water 500ml (still/sparkling)                                                                                 R25.00 

Passionfruit, Lime, cola tonic (per tot)                                                                               R11.00 

Fruit Juice, Appletizer, Grapetizer, , Lipton Iced tea                                                     R32.00 

Homemade ginger beer (when available)                                                                             R20.00 


Hot drinks: 

Filter coffee                                                                                                                          R30.00 

Cappuccino, Expresso, Milo, Hot Chocolate                                                                        R35.00 

Pot of tea: Five rose’s / rooibos tea,                                                                                  R25.00 


Beer and cider: 

Windhoek draft,                                                                                                                   R45.00 

Heineken or Amstel                                                                                                              R42.00 

Castle light, black label, flying fish,                                                                                    R40.00 

Savanna, savanna light, Hunters dry                                                                                   R40.00 

Devils peek or buffelsfontein larger (craft beer)                                                            R49.00 

Non alcoholic Bavaria                                                                                                            R48.00 



J&B, Klipdrift. Vodka, Gordons Gin                                                                                     R25.00 

Bells, Captain Morgan dark rum, barcardi white rum                                                        R30.00             

Jameson Whiskey/peach schnapps                                                                                      R38.00 

Amarula                                                                                                                                  R35.00 

Tequila (silver or gold)/Jagermeister/Cointreau (citrus liqueur)                                    R48.00 

THE TIDDLY TOAD COCKTAIL BAR (hand-mixed by your barman, per order 

Cosmopolitan: vodka, Cointreau and cranberry and lime on crushed ice R65 

The badassbear: vodka, coffee liqueur, rum, with a dash of milky goodness and ice R80 

Highball twist: whiskey, lime and soda, on ice R55 

The Lounger: brandy, Cointreau and orange juice. Water and ice R65 

Margarita: tequila and Cointreau, with a salty lime twist. On crushed ice R85 

Sex on the beach: vodka, cranberry, peach schnapps and orange juice on crushed ice R75 

Long island lullaby: white rum, Cointreau, gin, tequila, lime and coke…on ice R90…bye-bye… 

(1) SHOOTER TRAY: 5 shots tequila, 5 shots schnapps, 5 shots Amarula…..R450 

(2) SHOOTER TRAY: 3 shots of brandy, 3 shots of dark rum, 3 shots of lime…..R200 


WINE LIST Please note that a corkage fee of R150 per bottle will be charged if bringing your own wine. 

Bottle of bubbly, JC le roux: red, rose or white                                   R190.00 


Tall horse cabernet sauvignon                                                                          R170.00 

An honest easy drinking red, that is fun, colourful, and enjoyable 

Tall horse Merlot                                                                                             R170.00 

Ruby red, with a good intensity and undertones of plum and spices  

Tall horse Pinotage                                                                                           R170.00 

Bursting with flavours of cherry and chocolate, intensely beautiful 

Drosty hof dry Red                                                                                          R145.00 

Light bodied, medium dry, blended, with a deep bouquet of berry 

Glass of House red                                                                                          R45.00 


Tall Horse sauvignon blanc                                                                               R170.00

This gold, Fruity wine, reveals a delicious rich taste layered with vanilla and citrus 

Drostdy Hof Rose’                                                                                           R145.00 

Naturally sweet, light and fruity, with hints of strawberry and cherry 

Drostdy Hof extra light                                                                                  R145.00 

light, delicate, fruity and crisp, lower in alcohol and kilojoules, a true winner 

Glass of house white                                                                                        R45.00 


Please note that the pizza menu is only available on selected days 

Please ask your waitress if the pizza oven is on, before you decide

We only offer pizza, on certain days (due to the long running of the oven) 

All pizza are approx.: 28cm  


STASOMBS House special:….the works                                                     R185.00 

Ham, Salami, Chicken, Bacon, onion, pepper, pineapple, mushroom, olives and feta 


Margarita: pizza base, with tomato base, garlic and cheese                            R90.00 

The cheesy delight: feta, cheddar and mozzarella                                         R148.50 

The nibbling hare: Teriyaki sauce, fresh tomato, green pepper and onion          R120.00 

Four seasons: bacon, pineapple, onion, peppers, olives and mushrooms            R148.50 

Vegetarian: pineapple, onion, peppers, olives and mushrooms                          R130.00 

Regina: Ham and mushroom                                                                             R125.00         

Hawaiian: Ham and pineapple                                                                           R125.00  

Hot hiker: Bacon, jalapeno chili, green pepper and pineapple                           R155.00 

Chicken Delight: Chicken, Feta, mushrooms, pineapple and BBQ sauce            R155.00         

Heavenly: Bacon and feta ,                                                                            R135.00 

Happy place: salami, ham, jalapeno chili and fresh tomato                              R158.00 

Spice me up: Teriyaki chicken, salami, green pepper and jalapeno chili           R165.00 


Or build your own pizza. Start with a Margarita, (28cm)  

and add toppings of your choice: (price per topping) 


Bacon, ham, salami or Chicken                                                                         R29.50  

Mozzarella, cheddar, feta                                                                                R30.00 

Olives, jalapeno, mushrooms, Pineapple, onions, peppers, tomato                      R24.50 

Mayo, sweet chilli sauce, BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce                                         R16.50 


Build your own breakfast 

Bacon (3 slices)                                                                                                R30.00 

Eggs x1 fried or scrambled                                                                              R12.00 

Toast x 1                                                                                                          R8.50 

Baked beans                                                                                                     R25.00          

Fried tomato x 2                                                                                              R12.50 

Small Chips                                                                                                      R22.50 


French toast served with cheese and syrup (2 slices)                                     R85.50 

French toast with 3 x Bacon                                                                          R95.00 

Kids “Eggy Bread”: 1 x French toast,with Syrup                                         R55.00 

Happy Hiker: 4 scrambled eggs, with bacon bits and cheese, with toast           R97.00 

StasOmbs Cheesy Scrambled eggs (2 x eggs, cheese and toast)                   R63.00 

Bacon and eggs: 2 eggs scrambled with cheese, 3 x bacon and toast              R93.00 

Savoury Pancakes: 2 x pancakes, with syrup served with 3 x bacon                R85.00 

StasOmbs 2 Egg Omelette:                                                                            R98.00 

Made with Bacon, cheese, onion and mushroom, served with Toast 

StasOmbs Brekkie Bun                                                                                    R93.00         (bacon, fried egg, tomato and cheese, in a bun  with chips 

The field mouse: 1 x toast, with bacon and cheese scrambled egg                  R58.00 

The Mountain Climber: 2 toast, 3 bacon, 2 fried egg and 2 tomato                 R95.00 

Beans on toast , with chips                                                                              R58.00 

The little bird: 2 x toast, with jam and tea/coffee                                        R50.00 


Please remember to check out the specials boards, or ask your waiter about any specials, as we do add extra yummies from time to time,……. to keep things interesting, and keep you coming back for more  

Thank you for visiting StasOmbs Restaurant, at Mountain Sanctuary Park 

Please feel free to email me any thoughts, complaints, or compliments  

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