Welcome to StasOmbs Restaurant 


The name StasOmbs derives from our nicknames: “Stace” for Stacy and “Ombs” for Owen and together we have built/created a space that brings together all the things we hold dear…... Family, Friends, Good Food, creativity, hard work, relaxation and a true sense of generosity. 


We have decided to do this now, to celebrate our 10 years together, in 2007 we found each other through events greater than ourselves and have forever been grateful for finding our best friend, partner and true love in each other. 

In celebrating that, we bring you food from the heart. Everything in the restaurant from the table cloths, décor, tables, fireplace, wine rack, all the way to the food, is handmade, with love from StasOmbs! 

We trust that you enjoy your time with us, and that your meal and experience with us is everything you hoped for and more. If you feel anything is not up to standard please feel free to contact Stacy. We strive for the best hygiene, quality and service at all times. 


Our restaurant is run independently from Mountain Sanctuary Park, so when making bookings, please contact Stacy on 0760204298 


Please take note that menu items may contain allergens. Stasombs, the staff and management thereof do not take responsibility for allergic reactions to items served. If you suffer from allergens please contact Stacy directly when booking, so that we can assist where and when possible. 

We have an on-site consumption liquor licence, and will serve alcohol only when food is ordered. No alcohol will be served to minors, under 18 years of age. 

Please note that Stasombs is situated on a nature reserve, and no noise is permitted. We ask that diners please be respectful to all other guests and enjoy the peace and quiet that the Sanctuary has to offer. 

Please note that 10% service charge will be added to all bills and a 15% service charge will be added to all tables of over 10 people. 

Please feel free to add an additional tip for your server and helpful staff should you feel so inclined, it is always appreciated. 

Starters, Snacks and Salads 

Soup of the day (homemade soup advertised on the specials board)               R45.00 

Devils Fork: crumbed mushrooms with sweet chili sauce                                 R56.50 

Squirrels delight: (Chips served with dips)                                                     R42.00   

Nibbling Hare (garden salad)                                                                           R85.50 

Greek salad, with Danish feta and olives                                                         R95.00 

Burgers:  All burgers are made with our special BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomato, with chips 

StasOmbs Beef Burger                                                                                     R78.00 

StasOmbs cheesy beef Burger                                                                          R86.00 

The earth and turf burger, beef burger with bacon, mushroom and cheese      R107.00         

The cheesy Clucker: Chicken and cheese burger StasOmbs style                    R75.00 

Hungry Hiker: beef burger with bacon, onions, peppers, mushrooms & cheese R109.50 

Chilli burger: Spicy beef burger topped with jalapeno chilli & cheese               R95.50 

Hot Clucker: chicken, cheese and Jalapeno…….StasOmbs Style                          R89.00 

Soft Tortilla Wraps served with salad                                             

Chicken, cheese, tomato                                                                                    R80.00          

Bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce                                                                R90.00 

Salad wrap: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion & creamy dressing                       R80.00 

Pasta dishes: 

Arrabbiata: Tomato, herb and chili pasta: served on spaghetti                          R80.00 

Spaghetti bolognaise, (beef mince, tomatoes and herbs)                                   R86.50 

Chicken pasta: chicken & mushroom in a herb and cheese sauce                        R89.50 

More Meals 

Sausages and Chips                                                                                           R65.00 

Homemade Crumbed chicken breast with chips and salad                                 R98.00 

Chicken nuggets and chips                                                                                R62.00 

Fish Fingers and Chips                                                                                      R62.00 

Salad Bun (lettuce, tomato, cheese, cucumber, creamy dressing) with Chips     R85.00 

Ribs and Chips 300g or 600g                                                                           R80.00/R152.00 

Meal of the day (home cooked meals: see specials board)           please ask 

These freshly made homemade meals vary from day to day and are available pre ordered as family meals too at discounted rates,  

Examples of these meals are as follows: Bobotie, Lasagne, meatballs, homemade stews and curries, stuffed baked potatoes, speciality pastas, homemade pie, quiche, ChilOmbs (Owens famous chili), stroganoff, steaks, fish and seafood dishes………. and much more! 


Toasted sandwiches White or brown bread 

Chicken and mayonnaise                                                                                   R42.00 

Cheese and Tomato                                                                                          R49.50 

Bacon, egg and cheese                                                                                     R49.50 

Bacon, Cheese, tomato and onion                                                                      R52.00 

Chicken, cheese, tomato and onion                                                                   R52.00 

Plain cheese                                                                                                     R35.00 

…………………Side of chips                                                                                    R24.00 

…………………………….Side of salad                                                                           R25.00 


Desserts and Ice creams 

Baked pudding of the day, cakes and tarts                                            (see menu board) 

Ice cream with homemade choc sauce                                                             R25.00 


The naughty Vervet sundae:                                                                          R59.50                                  Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, choc wafers & mixed nuts and cream 


Bouncing bush baby sundae:                                                                           R52.50                                     choc and strawberry ice cream, smarties, jellies, wafers and cream 


Topsy Turvy                                                                     R32.50 

Your choice of ice cream, topped off with a colourful cone and drizzled with homemade chocolate sauce, nuts and sprinkles 

Homemade Milkshakes: topped with whipped cream and sprinkles 

Chocolate, Bubble gum, Lime, Strawberry or Banana                                         R39.50                     

Iced coffee……..made with ice cream and yumminess                                        R45.00          

Soda Floats: your choice of soda, topped with vanilla ice cream                      R38.00 

Turkish delight Milkshake, or Peanut butter Milkshake                                   R49.50 

Speciality coffees and Dom Pedro’s (add R20 for a double) 

Liqueur Coffee (black coffee served with a generous tot of spirit or liqueur) R45.50 

Irish Coffees (filter coffee, choice of liqueur, topped with whipped cream)  R55.00 

Dom Pedro’s (thick Vanilla milkshake, tot of liqueur, whipped cream)               R59.00 

Cool drinks:  

Coke, coke zero, spar berry, cream soda, Fanta orange/Grape, sprite            R20.00 

Tonic water, soda water, dry lemon (200ml)                                                     R18.00 

Passionfruit, Lime, cola tonic (per tot)                                                              R8.00 

Fruit Juice, Appletizer, Grapetizer, homemade ginger beer                             R23.50  

500ml bottled Water (still or sparkling)                                                            R15.00 

Hot drinks: 

Filter coffee/Decaf coffee                                                                              R32.00 

Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, Expresso, milo, Hot Chocolate                                 R35.50 

Five roses tea, rooibos tea                                                                               R16.50 

Earl grey tea, Chamomile tea, peppermint tea                                                    R19.50 

Beer and cider: 

Windhoek draft                                                                                               R25.00          

Castle larger, Castle light, Black label                                                              R23.50 

Savanna, savanna light, Hunters dry                                                                R29.50 

Spirits and Liqueurs: 

Gordons gin, Bells, J&B, Klipdrift, , Captain Morgan rum                                 R16.50 

Jameson Whiskey                                                                                            R25.50 

Nachtmusik (chocolate liqueur), Amarula cream                                               R20.00 

Sherry                                                                                                             R35.00 

Build your own breakfast 

Bacon (3 slices)                                                                                                R25.00 

Sausage x 1                                                                                                      R16.50 

Eggs x1 fried or scrambled                                                                             R9.50 

Toast x 1                                                                                                         R5.50 

Baked beans                                                                                                     R19.00            

Fried mushrooms or onions (or mixed)                                                             R16.50 

Beef patty x 1                                                                                                  R32.00 

Fried tomato x 2                                                                                              R8.50 

Chips                                                                                                                R16.50 


French toast served with cheese and syrup (2 slices)                                    R56.00 

French toast with Bacon                                                                                 R82.00 

Kiddies French Toast,with Syrup (1 Slice)                                                     R39.00 

StasOmbs Scrambled eggs                                                                             R68.00

2 eggs, tossed with Bacon and cheese, served with toast  

StasOmbs 2 Egg Omelette:                                                                           R78.50 

Made with Bacon, cheese, onion and mushroom, served with Toast 

The mini mix: 1 sausage, 1 toast and 1 scrambled egg                                    R35.50 

The light Delight: cereal with milk and a slice of toast with jam                    R30.00 

Munchkins bacon bun: … bacon and tomato sauce in a bun…..Yum                     R43.50 

(also available as a double potion for the ….adult kids                                      R73.50 

Brekkie Bun                                                                                                      R60.00                                  (bacon, fried egg, tomato and cheese, in a bun   


StasOmbs breakfast                                                                     R148.00 

Cereal with milk and honey, Coffee or tea and fruit juice        

2 x Sausage, 3 x bacon, 2 x toast, 2 x scrambled or Fried egg, fried tomato, mushroom and onion mix                                 


PIZZA MENU Please note that the pizza menu is only available on selected days

Please ask your waitress if the pizza oven is on, before you decide 


All pizzas are a standard 28-30cm base, with tomato sauce base and garlic, topped with mixed cheese. If you prefer to leave the garlic, please request when ordering. 


Garlic Focaccia: pizza base with garlic, herbs and cheese                              R70.00 

Margarita:  pizza base, with tomato base, garlic and cheese                           R75.00 

The cheesy delight: feta, cheddar and mozzarella                                        R100.00 

Four seasons: Bacon, pineapple, onion, peppers, olives and mushrooms          R145.00 

Vegetarian:  pineapple, onion, peppers, olives and mushrooms                        R120.00 

Regina: Bacon or chicken and mushroom                                                        R107.00         

Hawaiian: Bacon or chicken and pineapple                                                       R105.00  


STASOMBS:  Chicken, Bacon, onion, pepper, pineapple, mushroom, olives     R180.00 


Seafood pizza: mussels, shrimp and crab mix                                                R130.00 

Hot hiker: Bacon, jalapeno chili, green pepper and pineapple                         R145.00 

Chicken Delight: Chicken, Feta, mushrooms, pineapple and BBQ sauce         R148.00         

Heavenly: Bacon and feta          ,                                                                    R125.00 


Or build your own pizza. Start with garlic focaccia or margarita, and add toppings of your choice: (price per topping) 

Bacon or Chicken                                                                                              R25.00 

Olives, feta, jalapeno, mushrooms                                                                  R28.00 

Pineapple, onions, peppers,                                                                             R17.00 

Salmon, seafood mix (if available)                                                                  R75.00 

Mayo, rib sauce, tomato base sauce                                                                R14.00 




WINE LIST Please note that a corkage fee of R120 per bottle will be charged if bringing your own wine. 


Splattered toad Shiraz                                                                               R160.00 

The Western Leopard Toad is a legally protected species endemic to the Western Cape. This is a vibrant and fruit-forward style wine……our personal opinion….REALLY YUMMY!! 

Darling Pinotage                                                                                           R165.00 

The fruit concentration in this Pinotage is amazing, it is intensely fruity and invokes associations of ripe strawberry and black cherry, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. 

Laborie: merlot/cabernet sauvignon blend                                               R160.00 

This delicious wine has upfront aromas of blackcurrant and plum with hints of savoury spice, its smooth tannins and well balanced fruitiness will leave you wanting for more. 

Darling merlot                                                                                              R160.00 

This ripe, soft merlot from the cool west coast of South Africa tastes of berries and mocha, and is an old time favourite in our family and a wonderful wine to share with any meal. 

Alexanderfontein merlot                                                                           R145.00 

This Gold medal winner has earned its place on our rack, easy drinking and delicious.  

Douglas green cabernet sauvignon                                                             R145.00 

This wonderful dark berry, savoury spice and oak combination is a winner, with focussed fruit depth and astute body, it is perfect for any occasion. 

Pandora’s box shiraz                                                                                    R150.00 

This multi award winning wine has hints of fragrant cracked pepper, blackcurrant and dark rich berries, leaving a lingering impression on your nose and palate. 


Splattered toad sauvignon Blanc           (vibrant and fruity, another firm favourite!)              R130.00 

Hill and dale chardonnay (delicate citrus, vanilla and oak flavours)                                      R130.00 

Drostdy Hof extra light (light, delicate, fruity and crisp, lower in alcohol and kilojoules)       R95.00 

Nederburg stein (Semi-Sweet) (semi-sweet with hints of peach, pineapple and guava)         R125.00 

Graca white (fruity and refreshing, great for fun, food and friends)                                   R110.00 

Graca rose (crisp, lively, fruity and refreshing with notes of strawberry and melon)               R110.00 

Wine by the glass 

Black box (soft, fragrant blend of merlot/cabernet sauvignon, juicy flavour, soft tannins)        R35.00 

Drostdy Hof extra light (light, delicate, fruity wine with a tropical touch                            R30.00    

Rose’ (please ask your waitress about availability)                                                                        R32.00 


please note, that although we try pur best to keep the prices asnd details updated, it does happen that price increases take effect beofre the website is updated, the prices here may change without prior notice. the price on the menu at the restaurant are the prices that will be charged. plus the service fee as indicated.

please also note, that due to the restaurant running independantly to the office, packages that include the restuarant will be charged seperately

thank you

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