Someone once said, " If you can't relax here, you need medical attention."


Day visiting at Mountain Sanctuary Park.

Day visitors are welcome in the reserve every day of the week, provided we have space. Bookings are essential.

We allow only 180 people into the reserve each day, this includes people booking accommodation, campers and daily visitors.

as a day visitor, your car will have to remain in the car park area on arrival and you will then have access to the entire reserve.

guests are welcome to bring a picnic or make use of the limited braai facility at the pool area.

the pool is situated about 800m from camp, pack light as you cannot drive your vehicle to the pool.

on arrival, you will be given a hiking map, explaining all the trails which vary from 15 minutes walk to 8 hours, depending on how far you want to go. you will also be given the rules and regulations, please ensure that you treat Mountain Sanctuary Park as the Sanctuary that it is.

you will get to experience the crystal clear mountain pools that are found throughout the reserve, this water is safe to drink and you are most welcome to swim everywhere, except for the Grotto.