Someone once said, " If you can't relax here, you need medical attention."


We no longer allow day visiting at Mountain Sanctuary Park.

A day hike will only be allowed with a guide present. we will no lobger be allowing entrance for regular unsupervised day visiting. once the guided hike is over, day visitors will be escourted to reception and must vacate the reserve.

Sadly this has become nescesary due to the total lack of respect shown by day visitors for the rules and regulations of the reserve as well as the strict limitation of people we allow in. we now offer exclusive hiking for guests staying over in camp and accomodation only

Persons wanting to visit residents of the reserve will be allowed if space is available, and as long as they adhere to the gate times and book with the office in advance.

guided hikes can be booked at the office at the information and pricing is as follows: 

Information regarding guided hikes  

Mountain Sanctuary Park no longer allows day visiting in the sanctuary however We offer exclusive hiking to all guests who book accommodation and camping, and you are not restricted by guides during your stay. For those wanted a day hike, a guided hike can be booked, please note: All guests enter the reserve at own risk. 


            Please note the rules of the reserve, before booking. 

Mountain Sanctuary is famous for the peace and quiet we offer our guests. The Magaliesberg mountain range is a protected area, hence the strict rules. Please note that we have people of all cultures, religions and age that come to enjoy the reserve, so we expect that our guides, the reserve, and guests be shown the utmost respect at all times please. As a day hiker, with a guide, you are NOT permitted to use the reserves facilities (braai/picnic area, main swimming pool), Bookings for guided hikes are exclusively for the guided hike, and guests must book out once the hike is finished. Time allocations are based on the starting time that you chose and will be cut short, should you be late, so please keep travelling time in mind when booking your time slot. 


Rules and regulations: must be followed at all times. Anyone breaking the rules will result in the whole group having to leave immediately without a refund and will be banned from the sanctuary. 

Day visitors are NOT permitted to bring alcohol into the reserve, No alcohol or glass is allowed at all in the mountains. No games, balls. Lillo’s etc. allowed at the Mountain pools, No rowdy groups, shouting, screaming, swearing, obscenity or any kind of disturbance to guests will be tolerated. 

No noise is allowed, including no music, radios, loud phones, iPod without earphones etc. 

Please do not wonder through camp.

Guests staying over appreciate privacy. 

No fires are allowed, no drones or similar. Please do not set traps or snares. Do not tamper with fish, fauna, flora, or rock formations and no flowers, tress, or plants may be cut, removed or destroyed (whether alive or dead) Please leave no trace of yourself other than a memory. 


How the guided hikes work 

The guide meets you at the office at the allocated time, takes you on an amazing hike, stopping at the mountain pools where you are allowed to swim, should you wish to do so. The guides are great, are not obtrusive, and will give you time to rest, swim etc. they will meet your pace so as not to rush you or hold you back. 


After the hike, he will guide you back to the office for check out or to StasOmbs restaurant should you wish to book a table for lunch (please arrange this at time of booking)  


Please also note, that guided hikes, once confirmed, are non-refundable and we cannot move the booked hike, to a different date under any circumstances. should you be late for the hike, or if the hike is delayed for any reason, you will either have the choice to forfeit the time or pay in for additional time (if available).

These prices are inclusive of your guide, VAT and entrance 


3 hour hike. Per single person/couple R772.50 

4.5 hour hike. Per single person/couple R920 

Add children under 12 years for R195.50 per child 


3 hour hike. 3 or more adults R379.50 per person 

4.5 hour hike, 3 or more adults R460 per person 

(Additional) Children under 12 years R195.50 per child 


            Day hikes into MCSA property

            (Cederberg /Tonquani area).   As well as MSP property 

This is for avid hikers only. max 10 people per booking 

            This is charged at R1245.50 per person,

            and includes your guide, VAT, entrance and permits


            T hese hikes start at 9 am and will end at 3 pm.