Someone once said, " If you can't relax here, you need medical attention."


No Childrens bikes are to ridden in the restcamp Please as this disturbes the other guest who are trying to relax. 

  • Mountain Bike Trails 

The Magaliesberg has a wide variety of dirt roads, ranging from easy terrain (such as the Barnardsvlei Road) to the physically demanding Breed's Neck Mountain Pass, which rises from an altitude 1360m in the north to 1670m at the crest before dropping down to 1440m when it joins the R24 in the south. From the crest of the pass it loses 120m in the first 1.1 Km - that's a stiff return ride! The Barnard's road, on the other hand, has a low-point of 1200m and a maximum altitude of 1330m - a total elevation difference of 100m over a distance 11.5 Km - an easy ride in anyone's language.


  • Relaxing
    Mountain Sanctuary Park is one of the quietest, most peaceful places in South Africa. this is the perfect place to enjoy nature at its best and escape the hustle and bustle of every day life.

  • Nature walks
    Mountain Sanctuary Park boasts a wide variety of animals, birds and creatures - all indigenous to the Magaliesberg. Ask for a spotting list at the office, then take a walk and see what you can spot.

  • Swimming
    Not only is there a beautiful swimming pool near the campsite (but far away enough for people to play without disturbing campers in their siesta), but there are also several natural rock-pools scattered around the park in which you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

  • Walking trails
    We have hiking trails that vary form 15 minutes walk to 8 hours, depending on how far you want to go, crystal clear mountain pools can be seen on all the trails. you are not restricted by guiding hikes, a map is explained to you on arrival, so take your time, enjoy and experience the mountains in their untouched state. The reserve does NOT have marked hiking routes due to the sensitive nature of the terain, so DO NOT expect painted footprints or well marked trails.

Click here to view the hiking map. 


  • Rock climbing
    For those with a head for heights we have a number of climbs on our property (Bring your own kit). Nothing is bolted, so you need to be a trad climber to climb here. If you'd like to try your hand and have never done this, feel free to look at )ur
     links page for a reputable climbing guide. 


  • Abseiling
    While we don't offer abseiling as a guided activity (it takes proper training and qualifications to do this), there are a number of abseil sites on the property. You'll need to bring your own gear, or you can look for a guide on our links page.


For conferencing, Kiddies parties, group funtions and other special acivities/requests, please contact Stacy (0760204298)