Someone once said, " If you can't relax here, you need medical attention."


All About Mountain Sanctuary Park.


Klipspringer's, monkeys, jackal, warthog and so much more can be found in and around camp as well as the remarkable beauty of flora, bird and butterfly life, making our Sanctuary an incredible experience for bird watches, botanists and hikers.




Anyone needing to relax will find this to be the perfect place to de-stress, reconnect with nature and refresh the soul. 

Mountain Sanctuary Park has been open to the public for more than 47 years and has won the well deserved reputation of being one of the quietest most peaceful places in South Africa, we do not allow music, radio’s, music instruments or any excessive noise, enforced by the Sanctuary’s right to reserve admission. 


This Beautiful reserve is essentially a hiking reserve; offering trails that range from 15 minutes to 8 hours, you will not be restricted by guided hikes and set routes, thus having the freedom to enjoy over 1000 hectares of land. After a long hike cool off in a crystal clear mountain pool.



Mountain Sanctuary Park invites you to discover the wondrous gifts of nature in its truest form.